There are hundreds of companies that claim to offer quick and easy legal services, but not every business is the right choice for you. Some companies don’t have actual attorneys, and others don’t fully understand the complexities of the law. We care about taking the time to fully understand you, your partner, and your legal needs. 

At Prenup Specialist, we’re proud to say that we employ a team of licensed attorneys that genuinely care about you! Our standard of service isn’t sacrificed by our affordable costs, as we try to make the legal process as easy and efficient as possible for you!

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We Use Real Attorneys

Our flat rate pricing includes the review of an attorney licensed in the state that controls your agreement. This means that every prenup package is drafted under the correct laws for your state. This is more important than you might realize; if your agreement is drafted in the wrong state, it could be unenforceable! 

Another benefit of having an attorney on hand is ensuring that your terms are able to be applied as you and your partner intend. When you and your partner express how you want the agreement to function, it’s our job to interpret your desires and translate them into “legalese.” We work closely with you to make sure we have the correct understanding of your needs and accomplish your goals!

We Aren’t Shocked by Much

After working with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for years, we’ve seen some pretty crazy requests. Some have been enforceable, others…not so much. For instance, a previous client attempted to regulate the weight of their partner, which, aside from being incredibly sexist, is unlikely to hold up in court. On the other hand, we’ve had pet parents include clauses regarding the custody and care of their fur babies; that is totally enforceable and more common than people realize!

When working with Prenup Specialist, you don’t have to feel like you need to hide what you really want. We can objectively evaluate your request and let you know the best way to incorporate it into the agreement while maintaining its validity. Additionally, we can handle all of your questions in the method that you are most comfortable with. Our contact page is a great place to test out the process of sending your tougher questions before committing to using our services. You can also view the questionnaire here so you have an idea of what you and your partner will be asked to provide. 

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We Normalize the Process

We get it – discussing terms and negotiating the language of a cohabitation agreement, prenup, postnup, or biznup can be stressful! Preparing for a wedding or move-in can already cause feelings of anxiety, and the last thing you need to worry about is a legal agreement. We have a wide array of staff, and each person specializes in connecting, explaining, and handling our diverse clients. We have female attorneys, married attorneys, divorced attorneys, and attorneys with real world experience. Our team has most likely been in your shoes before, so we have a unique perspective on how we can provide the best assistance.

We Find Creative Solutions

If you are concerned about a disagreement on a potential topic, we can help by finding a creative solution. A relationship is about balance and equality, but you and your partner don’t have identical needs or wants. At the end of the day, it’s about finding a compromise that works best for you and your partner.

For instance, if the husband has exceptional cooking skills and commonly makes dinner, it probably makes sense for the wife to be responsible for doing the dishes afterwards. It also wouldn’t make sense to force each partner to spend an equal amount of time performing yard work if one spouse is passionate about gardening. 

Our basic solutions start from understanding what matters to each spouse and what the root of any objections truly are. Asking the right questions to determine fairness and functionality can bring any issues to the surface and allow for a better, transparent understanding. If your situation is more complicated than most, we offer add-on packages to purchase additional time for our attorneys to get to know you, understand the nuances of your agreement, and provide you with a custom contract. 

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We Make it Easy

We boil down the legal process into three simple steps: (1) you and your partner complete our questionnaire, (2) we review your submission, and (3) we provide an agreement based on your unique situation. We walk you through every single step, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. At Prenup Specialist, we truly want the best for you, and we work diligently to craft an agreement that reflects your personalized needs.

Well, what else are you waiting for? Our team can’t wait to meet with you, so get started with Prenup Specialist today!

Don’t wait any longer – call us today and secure your business future together! You can view our different solutions by clicking here, our licensed professional attorneys will provide you the best service possible! Speak with an attorney in our office today to learn more about the benefits of creating a business prenuptial agreement.

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