In prenups, postnups, buy/sell agreements (what we call biznups), or cohabitation agreements, a couple is able to specify rights to many things. In this day and age, we encourage modern couples to preemptively come to an agreement on social media and publicity rights.

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Throughout a relationship, it is common to disclose intimate details such as photos (even nudes!), videos, or other personal media between partners. An agreement through Prenup Specialist can address the social media rights each person has to such content during and after the relationship. This is commonly referred to as the “right of publicity” in the intellectual property realm.

Let’s be honest – negative information, whether true or not, can have serious consequences when it comes to an individual’s ability to generate revenue or monetize their online presence. This is especially important when one party profits from their likeness by being an “influencer” or “brand partner” with a prominent status on the internet.

Prenups Secure Your Digital Rights

A comprehensive legal agreement is needed in order to protect an individual’s digital privacy, including digital assets and stored media. This allows people to be in control of what aspects of their personal life, including likeness, can be posted online. In certain cases, these agreements can avoid unwanted exposure, such as publicizing any unflattering photos. They can also establish permissible posting behavior, prevent slander, and outline who will own the copyrights to these digital assets.

There are many real-world examples that demonstrate the importance of having control of one’s digital information and the use of their likeness. In one instance, a woman suffered damages to her business and reputation when her ex began sharing disparaging remarks online about their upcoming divorce. An appropriate Prenup could have saved her business from such harm.

Social Media and Prenuptial Agreements

Pop culture also tells us that social media has an extreme influence on our society, as there are many celebrity examples that show us the positive and the negative implications of online privacy. Candid and personal pictures are posted of celebrity relationships, and such intimate details can definitely increase their publicity and popularity. After all, gossip sells.

However, we all know of one of the most infamous examples of intimate details being shared online. The sex tape between Kim Kardashian and Ray J arguably catapulted the Kardashians into super-stardom, but most people would not want this kind of thing publicized by a vindictive ex-partner or ex-spouse. The right kind of agreement could have prevented such personal exposure from rampantly spreading across the internet.

As you can see, it is crucial to have agreements in place to protect your online privacy rights, and it’s even more important in the event of a breakup or divorce. While no one wants to think their relationship has an expiration date, you need to protect yourself in the event that the “unthinkable” happens. Don’t wait any longer – call us today and secure your future together! You can view our different solutions by clicking here, our licensed professional attorneys to provide you the best service possible!

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