A prenuptial agreement provides couples with peace of mind and security, ensuring the protection of assets, clarifying financial arrangements, and addressing potential concerns in the event of a separation. Prenup Specialist recognizes the importance of such agreements and offers professionally drafted prenuptial agreements at affordable prices. In this article, we will delve into the pricing structure and services provided by Prenup Specialist, exploring how they offer turnkey prenup services tailored to couples’ needs.

Prenup Specialist: Providing Turnkey Prenup Services

A. The significance of Prenup Specialist

Prenup Specialist is a reliable online platform that specializes in offering professionally drafted prenuptial agreements. Their services cater to couples seeking to secure their financial future and establish clear guidelines for asset division.

B. Understanding the tailored approach

Prenup Specialist acknowledges that each couple has unique requirements. They offer a personalized approach, ensuring that the prenuptial agreement is customized to address specific concerns and protect the interests of both parties.

C. How to get started with Prenup Specialist

To initiate the process, couples complete a questionnaire on the Prenup Specialist website, providing essential details about their financial situation and concerns. Once submitted, couples proceed with the payment process, after which they receive their personalized prenuptial agreement.

Transparent Pricing for Peace of Mind

A. Basic Agreement: $1299

The basic agreement package at Prenup Specialist is priced at $1299. This package includes attorney representation for one party, encompassing 30 minutes of attorney correspondence and up to 30 minutes of personalized edits.

B. Premium Agreement: $1599

For couples seeking additional legal guidance, the premium agreement package is available at a cost of $1599. This package provides attorney representation for one party, including 60 minutes of attorney correspondence and up to 60 minutes of personalized edits.

C. Add-ons for Additional Assistance

Prenup Specialist offers several add-on services to meet individual requirements and provide further support throughout the prenuptial agreement process.

Additional Time: $99

For couples with complex circumstances or concerns, an additional fee of $99 allows for more extensive attorney correspondence and edits, ensuring comprehensive coverage within the agreement.

Expedited Service: $399

Should couples require a quicker turnaround time, an expedited service option is available at an additional cost of $399. This allows couples to receive their completed prenuptial agreement within three business days.

Spousal Support Waiver: $599 (For prenups only)

For couples specifically seeking to waive spousal support obligations, an additional fee of $599 applies. This option provides couples with the flexibility to address this aspect within their prenuptial agreement.

Enterprise: $699 (Protect Both Parties)

For comprehensive legal representation, the enterprise package is available at an additional cost of $699. This package includes independent attorney representation for both parties, ensuring equal protection and representation.


Prenup Lawyer Specialist offers couples a convenient and transparent approach to obtaining professionally drafted prenuptial agreements. With their turnkey prenup services and personalized approach, couples can navigate the prenuptial agreement process with ease. By understanding the pricing structure provided by Prenup Specialist, couples can make informed decisions and ensure their financial interests are protected. Investing in a prenuptial agreement through Prenup Specialist allows couples to embark on their marital journey with confidence, knowing that their assets and interests are safeguarded.

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