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In a Prenuptial Agreement, you are able to specify certain assets to remain your separate property, what you would like to be considered “shared property,” and how you would like to classify future assets. You and your partner are also able to decide how one party would benefit in a certain way from the marriage. If you own a business, a Prenuptial Agreement can protect your partner from debts associated with failed ventures. An online Prenuptial Agreement allows you and your partner to decide how your separate property would be handled in the event of a divorce – not a judge!

People choose a online pre-marital agreements for varying reasons:

  • Protecting assets for children from a previous marriage
  • Limiting or eliminating your spousal support obligation
  • To compensate a party if one spouse is forced to support the other
  • Protecting assets (in particular, a business) that are owned with other parties.

In the event of a divorce, a Prenuptial Agreement specifies the property distribution, making a divorce less time consuming and less expensive. This is why some decide to protect their business before marriage. Be sure to evaluate whether you need a quick online prenup today!

YES! You can sign a Prenuptial Agreement up to the day of your wedding in most states. We also offer Postnuptial Agreements that allow you to accomplish the same things that a Prenuptial Agreement would allow.
NOTE: California Residents must have the document for seven days prior to signing the document and cannot sign on the day of the wedding, however, a Postnuptial Agreement may be the right option for you. 

If English is not the first language for the spouses, in order to uphold the validity of a Prenuptial Agreement, it is best that the Prenuptial Agreement is drafted in both languages in which each partner is fluent, and both languages of the different jurisdictions. Also, independent representation for each partner is required.

Prenuptial Agreements are meant to protect the security of couples, no matter the sex or gender. At Prenup Specialist, we simply want to prioritize you and your partner in drafting your own personalized cohabitation agreement!

A Prenuptial Agreement would not work for married couples, however, a Postnuptial Agreement would. Postnuptial Agreements generally include the same types of provisions as Prenuptial Agreements. The primary difference is that Prenuptial Agreements are entered in advance of a marriage, whereas Postnuptial Agreements are entered after the couple is already legally committed.

A Prenuptial Agreement can be hard for certain couples to understand, however, there are many ways to open up communication with your partner to assure them of its benefits. You can begin by explaining to your spouse about its purpose, which is taken to reflect both sides of the party. Make sure to start the conversation well before marriage because it reduces the emotional pressure and helps make your partner feel more relaxed. The most important way to introduce the idea of signing a Prenuptial Agreement is to be collaborative when deciding set terms. Consider it an opportunity to discuss and understand what each of you expects from the marriage. Your partner will have needs and concerns that differ from or contradict your own, so listen to their perspective with an open mind.

Child support and custody disputes are not covered by a Prenuptial Agreement. The court holds the authority to determine what is in the best interests of the child, and it would not restrict a child’s right to financial care or the ability to have a relationship with a suitable parent. One of the advantages of a Prenuptial arrangement in terms of retirement is that it will cover a person’s retirement assets in a postnup phase. Retirement plans are marital properties that are often split in divorce; however, in some situations, a Prenuptial arrangement may preclude this. Our firm specializes in guidance through the postnuptial phase of property protection.

YES! A Prenuptial Agreement is able to specify that debts will remain the separate property of the person who incurred them. This is especially important if either party has their own business. A prenup may also be useful to protect against future acquired business assets as well.

Absolutely! Every step of our process is designed to ensure the enforceability of these documents. Many online tools create documents for less, but they lack attorney oversight to ensure their enforceability. Get a quick prenup online with us today!
NOTE: Both parties must disclose the extent of their assets and debts to each other in order for the document to be enforceable. You cannot address child support or visitation. The document must be in writing, signed by both parties, and notarized. You cannot use a Premarital Agreement to escape creditors.

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