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At Prenup Specialist, we believe that every couple deserves the peace of mind and security that a Prenuptial Agreement provides. Whether you are protecting retirement, securing assets for your children from previous relationships, shielding one spouse from the other’s debts, waiving your obligation to pay spousal support, or just memorializing the agreement between spouses for their finances, Prenup Specialist can draft the agreement that fits you and your spouse the best.


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At Prenup Specialist, we believe that every couple deserves the peace of mind and security that a Prenuptial Agreement provides. Whether you are protecting retirement,

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At Prenup Specialist, we believe that every couple deserves the peace of mind and security that a Prenuptial Agreement provides.

Tyler has hands down been one of the best! She has provided excellent customer service and knowledge. I have always received a response in a professional and timely manner.
Peter K.
Very professional. Everything that I needed was taken care of in a timely manner. I didn't have to worry about a thing.
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A prenup lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in creating prenuptial agreements for couples who are planning to get married. Prenuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements or prenups, are legal documents that outline the financial obligations, property rights and can even include provisions for specific promises of each spouse in the event of a divorce or separation. A prenup lawyer helps couples to negotiate and draft a prenuptial agreement that is tailored to their specific needs and concerns. Ideally, your prenup lawyer can help dispel any rumors about prenuptial agreements and explain how the terms of your agreement will change how your marital assets will be handled under the law of your state. They provide legal advice and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that the agreement is fair, comprehensive, and legally binding. They may also work with other professionals, such as financial planners or accountants, to ensure that the agreement is comprehensive and covers all financial aspects of the marriage.

Prenup lawyers help couples to create these agreements by discussing their individual financial situations, assets, and debts. An exceptional and experienced prenup lawyer will make the process of negotiating your prenup easier and less stressful for both parties. The expert prenup attorney will typically be able to provide examples of how common prenup agreements are and provide examples of the application of certain terms. They work with couples to develop a customized agreement that meets their specific needs and protects their interests in the event of a divorce or separation and in some cases can help protect against debtors coming against marital assets. 

In addition to creating prenuptial agreements, prenup lawyers may also provide legal representation in the event of a divorce or separation. They can assist clients in negotiating the terms of the agreement or representing them in court if necessary.

Overall, a prenup lawyer is an important legal professional for couples who want to protect their financial interests and assets in the event of a divorce or separation. They provide legal guidance and expertise throughout the process.

  1. A Prenuptial Agreement is essentially a contract between two people about to marry. This contract needs to be dynamic and account for both partner’s goals throughout the marriage. Prenups are controlled by state law and their enforceability varies with each state’s laws. Therefore, it is important to choose an attorney that has experience with drafting contracts and prenuptial agreements specifically to ensure that your agreement is written appropriately and is enforceable. At Prenup Specialist we have experienced prenuptial agreement drafting attorneys and offer flat rate pricing to provide an easy process at an affordable price. Our Prenup personality quiz is a great way to get started. This quiz is specially designed to be a low pressure way to explore the types of protections available and can help you and your partner decide what clauses are most important to your marriage. We offer a personalized approach to prenuptial agreements, tailoring them to meet your specific needs and goals. The information obtained from the quiz will give you and your partner a starting point for discussion. Then, you can complete the online questionnaire. Our online questionnaire allows us to obtain all of the information needed to draft your prenuptial agreement without the inconvenience of leaving your home. Customer service is very important to us. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality legal services and representation. The process to agree with your spouse on terms for your prenup is easier with Prenup Specialist because strive to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is fair and equitable for both parties. We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service, so you can trust that your prenuptial agreement will be handled with the utmost care and attention

  1. A prenuptial agreement, commonly known as a prenup, is a legal document that outlines the distribution of assets and debts in the event of a divorce. A prenup lawyer service can help couples draft and finalize a prenup that is legally binding and enforceable. Here's how the process works:

    1. Initial Consultation

    The first step in the process is to schedule an initial consultation with a prenup lawyer. During this meeting, the lawyer will ask questions about your assets, debts, and future plans. They will also discuss your goals for the prenup, such as protecting inheritance or business assets. The lawyer will then explain the legal requirements for a prenup and answer any questions you may have.

    1. Drafting the Prenup

    Based on the information gathered during the consultation, the lawyer will draft a prenup that is tailored to your specific needs. The prenup will include provisions for the distribution of assets and debts, as well as any other issues that are important to you, such as spousal support or custody of children. The lawyer will work with you to ensure that the prenup is fair and reasonable for both parties.

    1. Review and Signing

    Once the prenup is drafted, both parties will need to review and sign it. It is important that each party has their own legal representation to ensure that they fully understand the terms of the agreement. The lawyer will explain the legal implications of the prenup and answer any questions that may arise. Once both parties have signed the prenup, it becomes a legally binding agreement.

    1. Filing the Prenup

    In order for the prenup to be enforceable, it must be filed with the court. The prenup lawyer service will ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed and filed with the court. This helps to ensure that the prenup will be honored in the event of a divorce.

    Overall, a prenup lawyer service can help couples create a prenup that is legally binding and enforceable. By working with a lawyer, couples can ensure that their interests are protected and that they fully understand the terms of the agreement.

  1. Prenups, or prenuptial agreements, are legal contracts signed by couples before getting married that outline how their assets and debts will be divided in the event of a divorce. While prenups were once seen as taboo or only for the wealthy, they’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Here are just a few case studies that demonstrate the importance of prenups:

    1. The Business Owner: Sarah and Tom had been dating for a year when Tom proposed. Sarah was thrilled, but also worried about her small business. She’d poured all of her savings into it, and didn’t want to risk losing it in a divorce. With the help of a lawyer, they created a prenup that protected Sarah’s business assets. We call this a biznup. These are important tools for business owners as well as people who are getting married. A few years into their marriage, they hit a rough patch and ultimately got divorced. Thanks to the prenup, Sarah was able to keep her business intact and avoid a messy legal battle. A biznup can also protect the non owning spouse against liabilities of the business. 

    1. The Second Marriage: After getting divorced from her first husband, Mary met and fell in love with John. They both had children from previous marriages and wanted to make sure their assets were protected for their own kids. In some cases a previous marriage may also include child support or alimony obligations that should be addressed. They worked with a lawyer to create a prenup that outlined how their respective assets would be divided in the event of a divorce. While they never did get divorced, they found peace of mind in knowing that their children’s inheritances were protected.

    1. The High-Net-Worth Couple: Mark and Lisa were both successful executives with significant assets. They knew that their marriage would be complicated from a financial standpoint, and wanted to make sure they were protected. They worked with a team of lawyers and financial advisors to create a prenup that addressed everything from their investment portfolios to their vacation homes. Sometimes the goal of a prenuptial agreement is to separate individual investments of each spouse from investments that the couple chooses to make together. While they never divorced, they felt more secure knowing that they had a plan in place to ensure that the investment decisions of one spouse do not interfere with the marital estate. 

    These case studies demonstrate that prenups aren’t just for the wealthy or those with complicated finances. They can be a valuable tool for any couple looking to protect their assets and avoid a messy legal battle in the event of a divorce.

What can be included in a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can cover a wide range of financial issues, such as the division of property, spousal support, and the payment of debts. However, it cannot address child custody or child support, which are determined by the court based on the best interests of the child.


What can a prenup do for me?

In a Prenuptial Agreement, you are able to specify certain assets to remain your separate property, what you would like to be considered “shared property,” and how you would like to classify future assets. You and your partner are also able to decide how one party would benefit in a certain way from the marriage. If you own a business, a Prenuptial Agreement can protect your partner from debts associated with failed ventures. An online Prenuptial Agreement allows you and your partner to decide how your separate property would be handled in the event of a divorce – not a judge!


Why should I choose a prenup?

  • Protecting assets for children from a previous marriage
  • Limiting or eliminating your spousal support obligation
  • To compensate a party if one spouse is forced to support the other
  • Protecting assets (in particular, a business) that are owned with other parties.

In the event of a divorce, a Prenuptial Agreement specifies the property distribution, making a divorce less time consuming and less expensive. This is why some decide to protect their business before marriage. Be sure to evaluate whether you need a quick online prenup today!

What happens if my spouse and I divorce and we have a prenuptial agreement?

If you and your spouse divorce and you have a prenuptial agreement, the terms of the agreement will determine how your assets are divided. If the agreement is valid and enforceable, the court will generally honor the terms of the agreement.


My wedding is less than two weeks away. Can I still receive the protection of a prenup?

YES! You can sign a Prenuptial Agreement up to the day of your wedding in most states. We also offer Postnuptial Agreements that allow you to accomplish the same things that a Prenuptial Agreement would allow.


NOTE: California Residents must have the document for seven days prior to signing the document and cannot sign on the day of the wedding, however, a Postnuptial Agreement may be the right option for you. 


What if I’m marrying someone outside of the US?

If English is not the first language for the spouses, in order to uphold the validity of a Prenuptial Agreement, it is best that the Prenuptial Agreement is drafted in both languages in which each partner is fluent, and both languages of the different jurisdictions. Also, independent representation for each partner is required.


What if I’m marrying someone of same sex?

Prenuptial Agreements are meant to protect the security of couples, no matter the sex or gender. At Prenup Specialist, we simply want to prioritize you and your partner in drafting your own personalized cohabitation agreement!

  • I highly recommend Tyler for anyone who needs a prenuptial agreement. They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in helping me understand all of the legal aspects of the agreement. The Berger law office took the time to listen to my concerns and worked with me to create an agreement that was tailored to my specific needs. Their communication was prompt and clear throughout the entire process, and they were always available to answer any questions that I had. Thanks to  Tyler, I feel confident that my assets are protected in the event of a divorce. Overall, a great experience with a highly skilled lawyer."
  • "I had an excellent experience working with PrenupSpecialist  to create a prenuptial agreement. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable, and took the time to explain every aspect of the agreement to me. They were patient and understanding, and worked with me to make sure that my needs were met. I would highly recommend Tyler Berger to anyone who needs a prenuptial agreement."
  • "I was extremely impressed with PrenupSpecialist  and their services. They were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient in creating a prenuptial agreement for me. They listened carefully to my concerns and worked with me to create an agreement that I was comfortable with. I appreciated their attention to detail and their willingness to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Tyler for anyone who needs a prenuptial agreement."
  • "Working with Tyler to create a prenuptial agreement was a great experience. They were extremely thorough and took the time to ensure that all aspects of the agreement were covered. They were responsive to my needs and concerns, and provided excellent guidance throughout the process. I would highly recommend Prenup Specialist to anyone who needs a prenuptial agreement."
  • "I had a wonderful experience working with the Berger Law office team to create a prenuptial agreement. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable, and made the process easy and stress-free. They were patient and understanding, and took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. I highly recommend Tyler to anyone who needs a prenuptial agreement."